Home Range: Updates to Page, Calendar and Subscriptions

Photo by Dominik Van Opdenbosch on Unsplash

The Weston Owl has completed a few updates to the page in the last week…have you noticed? And when I say “the Weston Owl”, I mean someone who is a lot more competent with talons than she is has updated the page. Some of the smaller changes are that the banner is condensed so articles are easier to find, there are now categories for topics and things are a bit cleaner. There is still no advertising to mar the clean lines. Access remains free.

Two changes should be highlighted, and therefore will be. First is that there is now a “Submit an Event” link so that readers can add their own events (subject to approval) and you don’t have to wait until the Owl gets it together to post. This is under the cool calendar set-up to the lower right. The Weston official Town Calendar also has its own link.

The second change is not a change, really but a confirmation of what already existed. If you have subscribed to the Owl, you can choose to receive your emails as “immediate”, “daily” or “weekly.” I realize that if you have it as Immediate and I’m having a banner day, you may receive four emails from the Owl. That is probably annoying. You may want to change to Daily. If you already subscribe, just enter your email again and then a message will come up that says you have already subscribed and will have a link to Manage Your Subscriptions. If you have not subscribed yet, why not? No, what I mean is that when you get your confirmation email, you will be able to manage frequency as well. Note that you should add the Owl to your address book or the email may fall into spam, which may or may not be accurate.

Thanks to Jonathan Dowse for helping the Owl!!

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