School Committee Fun Tonight

Not actually a Weston School Committee. Or beverage of choice. Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash

There are so many ways you can interpret the title of this post. Should I add a “?” Or an exclamation point? Or just take off the “Tonight” part because really School Committee is fun every single time they meet. Well, by now, you all know that I am a marketing MBA (go ‘cats!) so this is all just to get you all excited about getting on zoom for the fifteenth hour today.

And now to the agenda review and discussion:

First off, for the second time running, School Committee agenda makers have put Public Comment after the possibly-controversial stuff instead of before it. Good idea. I am guessing there will be some good discussion tonight with the “update and discussion re: public health measures and Covid-19,” a euphemism for “mask on, mask off” as presented by Mr. Miyagi. Or not. Does anyone remember the Karate Kid? Oh, forget it. Please pull out your School Committee bingo card and prepare your pennies for “omicron” and “65% testing”. Hold here for a moment as I just found out an Owlet did not test today, so must swat him with a wing.

Okay, so after that, there is a “Presentation re: 2022-2023 WMS and WHS Program of Studies”. Hmmmmm. Okay, well here’s where we discuss the merits of different electives such as Underwater Basketweaving or Bitcoin Investing for Teens. Oh, wait, no, maybe this is when we talk about why an Owlet could not get an Honors class into his schedule due to various supply-chain issues. Or so the story went. I don’t know what this is about except we get to find out what our kids will learn next year. Please add more forensics and cool applied learning classes.

The final subject for discussion before the flood gates of public comment are opened is the calendar for next school year. Will we start before Labor Day? Will we have to shut down the Cape and Maine homes early or will we make the Labor Day regattas after all? When will we have those random Teacher Days programmed? The day after Thanksgiving like 2018 (or was that 2019?) or the day after MLK Day? Or before MLK day. It’s all very exciting.

Let’s see…public comment…and then wait! Alex Cobb to the Recreation Master Plan Steering Commitee? YES! I wholeheartedly approve, mostly because when the Owl was on RMPSC, Alex was also and he knows much about sports and fields and stuff. That was the best committee. No offense to the other ones I’ve been on.

Then some administrative stuff and you’re watching the Pats game by 9.


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