Darby Road Home on Weston -Waltham Border Closing

Still available as of December 3. Today? I don’t know.

For those of you who live on the northside, you will doubtless be familiar with Darby Road Home, a huge furniture and decorations store located on Route 117 (North Ave) just over the Weston line in Waltham. It is a store filled with beautiful items that make some of us fantasize about having houses without teenagers, dogs, and cats, and mess, and muck and… Oh that’s just me. Darby Road is a lovely oasis on a busy street filled with offices, lumber, and gas stations. And, it’s closing.

Chalk another one up to internet competition plus a little Covid mixed in. Head over now if you’re re-doing your “cottage” or maybe you have actually sent your kids off to college and upgrading. This week everything is 50% off, and going fast.

We’ll miss you, Darby Road!

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