Did You Know? Weston Public Library Has A Music Committee

Liana Paniyeva, pianist, will perform in January. [update 1/17/22: this performance has been canceled]. Courtesy Photo.

If you were beamed into Weston from another planet or even from outside of Massachusetts (same thing, really), you might not know that this is one of the most musical towns in the country. Oh, all right, be quiet New Orleans and Nashville, no one cares. Weston has a school music program that is the envy of most public schools, an in-town Music Conservatory, and a number of voice teachers, music schools and a capella groups who shine at many events around town. Also a couple of rock bands. And, we have the Weston Public Library Music Committee.

From their official website, the Music Committee of the Friends of the Weston Public Library oversees the presentation of an annual concert series in the Library’s Community Room (Ed: in “normal” times). The Committee’s mission is “to promote the appreciation and love of music and to expand the cultural opportunities available in Weston by enabling the Library to present a variety of musical programs which are free and open to the public.”  

October 10, 2021	Leland Ko, cello; Adria Ye, piano November 14, 2021	Roman Rudnytsky, piano December

January 23 performance has been canceled.

Due to continuing concerns about COVID-19, the current Concert Series of four performances is virtual (through January 2022). You can catch past concerts and the upcoming one through the committee’s webpage, on the Weston Media Center’s Videos On Demand service, and on local television channels: Verizon Channel 45 and Comcast Channel 9. Audience members on the Committee’s email list (again head to their webpage to sign up) will receive links to each performance in advance.

The Committee has planned a spring season of four more concerts, beginning in March of 2022 and running through April. Depending on the status of COVID-19 this spring, it is possible that those concerts, and the annual MusicFest in May, may be held in person.

The Music Committee is looking for more volunteers, and encourages you to apply. The Committee meets at the Library at 9:30 a.m. on the third Tuesday most months in order to consider potential performers, establish a concert schedule, and assign volunteer duties connected with the concerts. Beyond its tasks of identifying and vetting performers, the Committee makes all the arrangements for each concert. You can see more specifics about the volunteer roles here.

Finally, if you are interested in applying to perform during an upcoming season of the WPL Music Committee concert series, please submit some basic information and you will be contacted by a member of the music committee.

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