It’s Big Night Tonight in “Downtown” Weston

Two big* events are happening tonight in lovely downtown Weston–not only are Santa and Mrs. Claus going Christmas tree shopping, but it’s Open House from 5-8 pm at two out of three of our remaining retail stores, Trendy Girl and Weston Table. Plus next-door BW Design Group will be joining in the fun from 5-7 pm, clearly shutting down an hour earlier than the other two to keep you from taking a nap on the fine upholstery. Enjoy wine and light bites at all three stores.

The Trendy Girl has lots of fluffy warm stuff to wear, and some pillows probably too, and jewelry etc. Weston Table, also known as the World’s Most Beautiful Store, has well, everything. I have never been in BW Design, as my design theory goes something like can the cat scratch it, and the dog and the Owlets muck it up, then sold!, but I am sure it is very nice.

Down the street, from 4:30 to 7:30 pm, you can meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus, who will be choosing from the remaining trees at the Rotary Club’s Christmas tree sale. The Owl flew by today (not literally, Weston Police, I am very careful to keep the speed limit in the hopes the sign will flash “Safe Driver!” which I just love and miss) and there are not so many trees left! Yay, Christmas! Hot chocolate will be served to the littles, and bigs too, unless you’ve brought your beverage from the open houses down the street. Don’t drink and drive. That’s obvious, no? You get on the naughty list.

And this is your last full day to drop off your Toy for a Tot at the Weston Police Department. Get shopping.

*big for Weston, you understand. It’s all relative.

Shop local!

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