School Committee Meets This Morning for More Updates

Owlet. Chuva the Horse, Brazil 2009

Happy December 13, Weston, a day that is widely known (?) as the National Day of the Horse. While confirming this, the Owl also noted that it is National Pick a Pathologist Day because “we never know what tomorrow holds.” You cannot make this stuff up–well, I can, but I don’t have to. Definitely this makes more interesting photo opportunities than another zoom photo of SC.

Moving onwards into the last week any of us gets anything done in 2021, especially if you have kids in private school, please note that the School Committee meets at 9:30 this morning, NOT at 9:30 pm as noted on their agenda.

Note that School Committee has an Executive session at 9 am.

The Owl does not know what further updates there are about Public Health Measures, though several questions about case data were brought up in last week’s meeting. Maybe these will get answered. This also gives me an opportunity to say that today is a testing day at the high school so please remind your owlets, fawns, and kittens to get it done! Let’s move that ticker up to 65% testing plus.

Let’s see. Approval of the program of studies at MS and HS–nothing rocket science here. Literally, since I think that is not on our future program. My understanding is the MS will have no big changes as their awesomeness is firmly established, while the High School is looking adding an Economics of Personal Finance class for juniors and seniors, as well as CP level classes in language.

Transportation issues sound not so good. I have no knowledge of this one–Bus 3 seems to be arriving on time. Maybe we are back to figuring out the scheduling of the Mu-Fus, or “Multi-Functional Activity Vehicles” discussed in the November 8 School Committee. Sign in and let me know–The Owl shall be out in the woods at that time.

Happy Horse Day, Weston!

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