High School Getting Fundraising Tush Handed to Them – WEEFC Stat Check

Today’s Stat Check (halfway mark) from WEEFC

The Weston Wildcats in the form of the high school families are getting trounced in school vs school hand combat. Only 118 families system-wide have given so far (and we are at the halfway mark) to the Weston Educational Enrichment Fund Committee (WEEFC) winter drive, and only 6% of high school families have given. Gah. The Owl gave this afternoon to try to move the needle a teeny bit but HEY HIGH SCHOOL FAMILIES, GET CRACKIN’. Remember there are choco tacos and other ice cream involved. Also, are we really going to let Principal Gibbons and the WMS national award winning group win AGAIN? I do not think any more hardware fits in the Principal’s office. Yes, if you don’t give, we will have to pay to expand Mr. Gibbons office. Try getting that through Town Meeting.

Having gotten some acerbic feedback about the schools from high school parents last year (involving how they were done giving, schools let them down, etc etc), let me just outline the fact that the high school was the recent beneficiary of WEEFC funds for a very cool project last school year continuing into this year and the forseeable future. The Owl will cover it in more depth tomorrow but here’s the WEEFC-supplied summary:

WEEFC funded MiniPCR machines that allow AP Biology and Biotech students to run experiments and experience the process of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and how it is being used in the real world. For example, students will be able to explain how it amplifies a region of interest in terms of genetic testing and how it is being used to detect viral genetic information in COVID-19 testing. 

Oooh, science-y stuff. The Owl will call in some experts to help me figure out what the above means but suffice it to say, it is super cool.

And yeah, Country and Woodland Schools are in a statistical tie while Field School is mysteriously heading towards high school numbers. Come on, Field. I have a project that was WEEFC-funded at the Field School too.

Honestly, Weston Public School parents, you could give $2 and still get a Participation Medal. You know the ones I am talking about. Every single race I run I get one of those…nothing like medalling after coming in 10,000th. Give what you can, but please give something.

Here’s how you donate. Do it now.

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