Opossum Makes Bid to Become New Weston Mascot

Photo credit: an Owlet (!!!) in the awesome WHS Photography class

This morning’s Weston High School photography class got a fluffy surprise in one happy healthy opossum peering down at them from near the front of door of the high school (exact location hidden-ish). While seemingly just hanging around, the Owl suspects its ultimate goal was a takeover of the Wildcat statue stand. I really don’t know why people say our town is boring–turkeys on route 20, bobcats and coyotes, a moose a couple of years ago and now a possum attempting to enroll in AP forensics. What more can you ask for? A Tavern? Patience, Weston.

Opossums are wonderful creatures, and there is no need to worry about this one. She/he will move on shortly. You can read more about possums from MassAudubon here.

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