Confusion Over Distribution of Covid Rapid Tests to Low-Income Weston

1830 Map of Weston. Courtesy:

The Owl admits to some personal confusion about the Massachusetts government plan to distribute 2 million free Covid-19 at-home self-tests to communities with significant low-income populations. On the surface, that makes perfect sense–however, it must be noted that Weston is one of the 102 communities (out of 351 total in Massachusetts) selected to receive the free tests. Lincoln and Waltham and Framingham also received these free tests: Wellesley, Concord and Wayland, no. What gives? Have we had a sudden change in fortunes? Or are we, in all seriousness, blind to some poverty around town?

From the US News story, “[Governor Charlie Baker] said the 2.1 million over-the-counter, at-home rapid antigen tests from iHealth Labs will be delivered to 102 towns with the highest percentage of families below the poverty level. Those communities account for nearly 3.7 million Massachusetts residents.”

Image credit (and link to town names)

Weston will receive 4,140 tests. The Owl admits to no knowledge about where these tests will go, but is hopeful that someone can explain this to me.


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