Weston Owl Vacation Hold – Operação Tartaruga

High school Wildcat statue feeling the season

It’s been a busy week here for the Owl but not for the news of the Town. Given that nothing earth-shattering is happening, the Owl is going to flap off for a holiday break now…or rather, start Operação Tartaruga. Please do nothing interesting for a couple of weeks, Weston.

Operação Tartaruga is a Brazilianism that literally translates as Operation Turtle. I first became familiar with this expression when there was a customs slow-down when I moved to Brazil. The customs agents didn’t stop working–as essential workers that could have been overridden by government decree–but they slowwwww waaaaaayyyyy doowwwn. When they decided to randomly check your bag, you would have to take out every single item, unfold it, explain its use, its value, its chemical formula (maybe not) so it would take you 4000000 hours to get through the airport and just forget your shipped goods. Mine showed up 8 months later–what a nice Christmas that was.

So, depending on the Owl’s Turtle Operation, some posts may come through in the couple of weeks…or not… We’ll be back to full staffing (hahaha) in January. Have a beautiful holiday season full of light and love. Take care of yourselves, Weston!

And go ‘cats!


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