Police Chief Citizen Survey Released: Responses Due January 14

As most Westonians know, Police Chief Michael Goulding will be retiring December 31, 2021 (see Owl announcement here). And this means that Weston is conducting a search for a new Chief of Police, and would like citizen feedback (and when they say “citizen”, I am assuming they mean “resident” as Mr. Owl is not a “citizen” but is in fact a tax-paying resident and has many many opinions, some of which I listen to). Obviously the Owl will have veto power over any selection. And that is a joke; have you all lost your sense of humor after this very bizarre Omi-Christmas? Stop.

Official wording is as follows; the Owl promised to keep to the script:

The Town of Weston is seeking citizen feedback as part of the official search for the new Chief of Police. Questions include:

What qualities do you want to see in the next Police Chief?

What should the new Police Chief’s highest priority be?

The survey contains four open-ended questions (one of which is whether or not we should have an emotional support dog and the long answer is yes. Also the short answer. Also this entire parenthetical exercise is not true). The questions should take roughly 5-10 minutes. Completed Citizen Surveys must be submitted by Friday, January 14, 2022.

Click here to complete the online Citizen Survey.

Hard copies of the survey questions are also available at the Town Manager’s Office in Weston Town Hall.

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