Happy New Year – First Day Hikes and Virtual Runs

Hitting the trails with Katie Puppy yesterday, Jericho Forest

Welcome to 2022, Weston, and get outside. Yes, it’s a dreary day but did you move to the area because of swaying palm trees and crystalline waters? No, you didn’t. So, if you’re in town because plans were canceled or you’re back from swanning down the slopes a bit early, consider heading out for a First Day or Second Day hike.

For the last few years, the Owl has taken to the trails on first day–sometimes on an organized hike, and sometimes just with Katie Puppy, K9 Ranger, or past companions named Coal and Haifa. There is something so wonderful about starting the year outside amongst the trees.

First Day Hikes

Massachusetts’ Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has a number of First Day Hikes today–unfortunately, the one most familiar to the Owl at Walden Pond, is not happening this year. There are a number of guided hikes at MA State Parks, as well as self-guided suggestions.

Waltham Green Trust has two possibilities–both at Prospect Hill–one that is an easy walk, and one leaving from your favorite caffeine purveyor, Starbucks, at the “Market Basket plaza.” You can find out more here. Please support the Waltham Green Trust which is kicking butt in the preservation of neighborhood green spaces.

If you are just not up for group fun, you can head out on Weston’s trails. The WFTA leads its monthly walk tomorrow, so technically that is a second day hike, but we are always just a tiny bit behind the times. 2 pm Sunday at Burchard, weather-independent. The Owl is leading this one–if you have annoyed her, you get the “shortcut” ahaha. No, just kidding, happy new year. Peace and love.

Finally, why not challenge yourself to a virtual race? My personal favorite after “running” it last year is the Acadia to Katahdin Virtual Run. It’s 271 miles of inspiration, and you get to visit Hawaii this year. Yes, true story. Well, if you actually had to do those miles on the roads, it might not be so inspirational. Check it out here and join if you’d like–you just add up your skiing or walking or running or whatever miles…it all counts. Then you can support your favorite Maine charity as well.

There are many other virtual options, but I encourage you to get outside today to welcome 2022. Bring your galoshes.

Breathe in, breathe out, move on.

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