The First Civil War: Virtual Forum on Loyalists vs Patriots

Minute Man Statue North Bridge, Concord November 2018

By chance, the Owl went down the rabbit hole that is the programming at Concord Museum. I don’t know who sets up their forums and events programming, but I am most impressed. This Wednesday, January 5 from 7-8 pm, there is a virtual program “Patriots vs Loyalists: Our First Civil War” that looks quite interesting. What is also interesting is that it is co-sponsored by Weston’s own Golden Ball Tavern though I do not see mention of the event on the GBT webpage. Perhaps it’s because the GBT was on the Loyalist side…and we know how that turned out. Oh fine, the GBT or Gibbet eventually got on the right side of history, and enjoyed coffee rather than tea forevermore. Does anyone detect a digression? No.

If you didn’t know, the GBT was a Loyalist-leaning tavern, while the Josiah Smith Tavern (JoSTice) swung Patriot-side. Pam Fox, our local historian, knows much more about this, and how families in Weston were also torn apart as people chose one side or the other. While Weston does not have an active Minute Man group, the Owl would like to suggest we get out all those old feelings in a Loyalist vs Patriot flag football game this spring. Losers pay for drinks at the JoSTice, assuming there will be drinks there. No, I have no news on the restaurant.

Here’s info on the event from Concord Museum’s webpage:

“In his powerful new history, H. W. Brands shows the American Revolution to be more than a fight against the British: it was also a violent battle among neighbors forced to choose sides, Loyalist or Patriot.  Our First Civil War reminds us that before America could win its revolution against Britain, the Patriots had to win a bitter civil war against family, neighbors, and friends.

This is a free virtual event. Donations are encouraged to support the Concord Museum’s Education initiatives. This program is supported in part by the Sally Lanagan Fund.

In partnership with Paul Revere Memorial Association, Golden Ball Tavern and Museum, Longfellow House-Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site, Royall House and Slave Quarters, and Lexington Historical Society.

You can register for the event here, and yes, you should give them a donation.

Concord Museum website

Golden Ball Tavern website

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