Weston Fire Department Continues COVID Testing Site at Fiske

Photo for attention. No, you don’t get to have your Covid test on the fire truck.

The Weston Fire Department Rules. The Owl shall spend the next moments telling you why, and it’s not because they have a station fire cat and a station fire gecko, though those really help. Still working on the dalmatian.

First and foremost, COVID testing does not get any easier than at the Fiske PCR test site run by the Weston Fire Department. All you need to do is head over to the sign-up page, complete the information, and choose your appointment time. Then you park on the Linwood side of the Fiske Law Office and the awesome firefighters/EMTs head on out to administer the test while you wait in your warm car.

The test will cost you $100 (bring a check made out to the Town of Weston) but there is no test better than a PCR (yeah, come fight me all you science-y people) done by the Broad Institute. True story. Do you remember the Owl’s experience with Walgreens? Not good. I do love Project Beacon but the closest place is Framingham and there is only so many times one can hit refresh to get an appointment without getting carpal tunnel syndrome. The Owl also loves AFC Waltham but it’s $150 for an antigen test. Do what you need to do. In any case, you can sign up for the testing here. Current results receipt time is quoted at 24 hours but with the current surge in test requests, turnaround time is more like 48 hours.

The Fiske Law Office testing site is at 598 Boston Post Road, Linwood Avenue Side of the Building, hours are 8-12 Monday to Friday.

Test local!

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