What to Do with Your Christmas Tree

We are just three days away from Three Kings Day, also known as the Epiphany to some, and Thursday January 6 to others. It’s also the official what-the-heck-do-I-do-with-my-dried-out-real-tree day. Here’s the first thing you DON’T do and that is watch the video over on the Weston Fire Department facebook post about how fast a dry tree burns up…yikes! Every time I see it, I wish to chuck my tree outside immediately even if I just decorated it.

So anyway, what to do? I have two suggestions for you, depending on what kind of situation you are in:

class of 2022
  1. I have no yard and/or hate wildlife and/or want to support the awesome WHS Class of 2022 (go ‘cats!). The Class of 2022 will be holding its Christmas Tree pickup day on Saturday, January 8, 2022. All you have to do is drag that puppy out to the end of your driveway by 9 am and leave it there. Preferably on Saturday rather than say, tomorrow. No one wants to see your sad tree for days. No one. The fundraiser/pickup is open to all Weston residents. The cost is $25 per tree and payment can be made via Venmo @WestonPublicSchools Memo line: Class of 2022 Christmas Tree Fundraiser. The link to sign up is here. Go ‘cats. [Update 1/6: The owl has been notified that the senior class has no more availability to pick up trees. Please find other options for pick up if you do not have a yard.
  2. I have a yard and/or love wildlife and/or have extra lard around. Chuck the tree out back!! (not on conservation land, please…every single year I have to pay a little visit to Shady Hill’s trail easement…and Westerly…and yes, I know who you are. I am an Owl.) If you are super advanced, you can even make some little wildlife-munchy ornaments. Those birds sure will love you! Note that the Owl once made some ornaments at a lard-and-seed ornament class at MassAudubon and they are very very messy. Very. Fun, though. Go ‘birds. Oh, don’t do this one if you have an outside cat or a stupid dog (Katie Puppy thought lard delicious. The neighborhood cats will think the birds delicious).

One year I cut all the branches off the tree and covered the herb garden with them. That was also fun as when the chippies woke up from winter slumber– they loved to jump all around in their little protected evergreen haven until I cleared them (the branches, not the chipmunks).

Don’t forget to thank your tree for making your house brighter and happier for a month. They like that.

And now a late addition on January 4. One of the Owl readers mentioned that goat farms like them. I have found one for you all. If you have a way of bringing your Christmas tree to Unity Farm in Sherborn, their animals will love them!https://www.unityfarmsanctuary.org/post/welcoming-2022


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