Snow Day for Weston Public Schools on Friday

Sledding on Town Green, February 2015

After a nailbiter of an afternoon, Weston Public Schools Superintendent Midge Connolly finally made everyone’s day by issuing an official “Snow Day Proclamation” after seemingly every single one of our neighboring towns called it earlier in the day. It reminds me of sitting in front of the radio as a kid listening…”Darien Parochial Schools closed today…Darien Public and Private Schools closed today…[then every single other town except for New Canaan mentioned…and then]…New Canaan parochial schools closed today…New Canaan private schools closed today…New Canaan public schools…two hour delay!” Seriously. Yeah, our superintendent was hard-core.

In any case, Weston used the “all call” button and we have ourselves a snow day! To make the most of it, let’s learn about physics on Cat Rock ski slopes (terminal velocity anyone?) and the Town Green too. What about static and dynamic friction with those cross-country skis? Everyone must recite Robert Frost’s Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening for their English extra credit and yell “Merde” as they crash down the hills in Ogilvie for their French class. See? No reason to make up this snow day.

If you’re looking for good healthy fun, get outside–read the Weston Owl on winter trail etiquette and location suggestions and I’ll see you out there! Drive safe, or don’t drive at all.

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