Select Board Takes on Private Trees Tuesday Night

A very unusual turtle-top tree…on public lands

On Tuesday night, January 11 at 7 pm, the Select Board again has a busy agenda of executive session, water stuff and…TREES! Owls love trees. On the discussion block (and hopefully not the chopping block) are the results of the Private Tree Protection Survey (“Private trees” are not necessarily shy but they live, breathe and die on private land rather than public ways). Do Weston residents support private tree protection, or are we a “live free and trees die” town?*

While the Owl has tried really hard to steer clear of commenting on the mass tree death on private property across from the First Parish Church, it turns out you cannot actually “steer clear” of it unless you take a different path to the southside (or northside if you’re south of the Route 20 line). Where once there was a lovely stand of hardwoods and white pines…not a single tree survived. Not one. In all honesty, I was going to stick a little stuffy Lorax on a stump but I absolutely hate being arrested for littering on private property. So here’s your temperature check: are you okay with that clear cut? Or, are you shocked, saddened, and just a tiny bit annoyed that your view of the world has changed in one fell (literally) swoop? It happens every single day in our town, and there is no by-law that prevents it.

Now, for those of you in the “Live Free and Trees Die” camp, also known is “it’s my party and I’ll do what I want”, don’t think that tomorrow night is going to be a moment of She-bang! Now we have a Tree By-Law! It is a discussion and your tempered data-driven opinion is always welcomed. And for the tree huggers, it’s also a time to hear about how Weston’s value is in its semi-rural, and tree-lined roadways.

Do attend and learn more, no matter which side you’re on. Note: I have been informed that the tree discussion is actually a joint meeting of the Select Board and Planning Board. This is not reflected on the online agenda.

*Remember that the Owl is “not-quite-the-news”. All bias is not implied but rather completely explicit. Trees rule.

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