Open Burning “Season” Begins Saturday, January 15

It’s that most wonderful time of the year–open burning season! Starting this Saturday, January 15 and running through May 1, you can let out your inner pyro. Here’s the catch: you need a permit, not to mention a clue about how to manage your burn. Also, bear in mind that not everything can or should burn–painted wood is not a good plan unless you like to be poisoned by toxic fumes, know that evergreen needles are highly combustible, and never ever try to burn evidence because as far as I can tell from Tacoma Fire, it never works out in your favor.

In Weston, you MUST obtain a burning permit online (see link). Once you have filled it out , you’ll be emailed with a copy of your permit, permit number and a copy of the rules and regulations.

Please note that each day you would like to burn up your brush and stuff, you MUST call 781-786-6101 and request permission to burn that day. The Fire Department monitors the weather conditions daily and makes a decision each morning whether or not burning will be allowed. Helpful hint: if there is a Nor’Easter here, don’t make a call–you can’t burn that day.

Also note that you may not burn stuff on Conservation land, in a firepit or otherwise. That will not get you a permit: this will get you a visit from the Forest Warden. Yes, we have one. If you have questions about Open Burning, call our fabulous Weston Fire Department at 781-786-6101.

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