Covid Positive Results: Things Look a Bit Better for Weston School District

Numbers published Thursday, January 13 by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) show Weston public schools with 67 students and 20 staff testing positive in the last 7 days (1/6-1/12). As you may recall, numbers published on January 5 by DESE showed 81 students and 35 staff testing positive over 14 days (12/23-1/5). So, are things getting better? In the absolute, yes. Is the Owl willing to commit to this? Also yes.

Note that DESE numbers are reported by the district. Weston Public School’s own Covid dashboard is updated on a weekly basis, with the next update likely to be posted tomorrow.

In other Covid-19 news, the district implemented a new return to play protocol starting on January 13, wherein athletes could return to play on day 6 rather that the day 10 guidance. From the schools: “Following updated CDC guidelines for safely returning to school, AAP Return to Play Protocol, and incorporating the recently released NCAA guidance for returning to athletics, we will begin with the following changes (Athletic/Music Guidance):

Any person diagnosed with COVID-19 may return to play on Day 6 if the following conditions are met:

  • Asymptomatic or significant improvement in symptoms, AND
  • Proof of negative rapid antigen test on Day 6 or after

Never a dull moment. Go ‘cats.

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