Friends of Weston Reservoir Keeping the Love Alive

As mentioned earlier this week on the Owl (see post here), the Weston Reservoir at Ash Street is a unique and well-loved place for walkers, trail runners and dogs alike (no bicycles or horses, sorry). The slightly-more-than-two-mile loop offers views of the Reservoir, the deep woods and plenty of opportunities to fall over tree roots. While mostly owned by the MWRA, Town of Weston Conservation also owns land there, as well as Weston Forest & Trail Association.

Another group, originally started by Kay McCahan and currently led by resident Jeri Cooper, also quietly keeps the trails beautiful–that is the Friends of Weston Reservoir, an associate member of the Weston Conservation Commission. For at least 15 years, Friends of Weston Reservoir has raised money to cover the cost of the “free” (to you) Mutt Mitts (aka double-ply poop bags) available at the northern entrance to the Reservoir loop.

While never organized as a 501c3, the Friends works with WFTA as its fiscal agent to purchase these bags which are in high demand on the loop. By providing this amenity, the hope is that the users of the trails will pick up their dogs “presents” and deposit the bags in the trash cans at the trail head — and not leave them along the trail. Special thanks as well to the Department of Public Works which picks up the “presents’ from the trash cans.

This year, with the increase in costs as well as an increase in usage, Friends of Weston Reservoir barely covered their costs of Mutt Mitts.

“Keeping the trails clean is important to all of us who use this space,” said Jeri Cooper. “There were around 40 donors this year (2021), and we raised enough to just cover our costs.”

If you are interested in donating to the Friends of Weston Reservoir, or volunteering for the group, please use this QR code to donate, or send an email to Jeri at

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