Sunday Gratitude: The Parliament of Owls

My newest Owl-themed prize: Yeti cups from my brother

This is the Weston Owl’s anniversary week. One year ago, the idea of creating a news page for Weston (which I had been contemplating for six months before that) turned into a decision on name, a “branding” with the talented folks at Fiverr, and an ongoing Gen X battle with WordPress. Today is about gratitude for the group of people–or perhaps the parliament of Owls, who encouraged and continue to encourage this work of love.

It may surprise some that it was a Select Board member who first encouraged the creation of the page. Based on the increasingly vitriolic posts of election season and other town crazy on Facebook, Harvey Boshart suggested some kind of news page outside of social media. Yes, probably not the Select Board member you expected me to mention–but I will say at least one of the other two is an avid reader and sometimes commentator. I will also state here that I do not get any top-secret feed from Town Hall–what I publish here is public knowledge.

Pam Fox, president of the Historical Society, Nina Danforth, Tree Queen, and Henry Stone were the next three to really encourage the page. Pam knows more about Weston history than most of us will ever know, and helped with feedback and details on many posts. Nina cares so deeply for the open spaces and nature of this town, and knows so much of its background–well, you just have no idea. Henry was my first monthly subscriber. That may seem minor but it is major. It’s a vote of confidence.

My neighbor, co-conspirator on the Wes-TEN, and bestie, Alyson Muzila, continues to read every post (there are now 490 of them) and sends me notes on her favorites. When last June’s “incident” occurred and the Owl took a month off to unruffle her feathers, Alyson helped pick up the pieces. I hope you all have an Alyson in your life who tells you you’re the best, even when perhaps you’re not at your best.

Canadian Owls (a Manitoba-based artist)

The Grand Owl, my mom, also sends me notes, love, and encouragement–she’s the writer in the family, and I value each email. My brother Erik is a more recent subscriber and razzes me (and Weston) frequently, almost always making me laugh. Mr. Owl reads every single post and supports the hours I spend not making money but having fun. I am so fortunate to have the family I do.

Beyond those I have named, the community and many individuals have been supportive and funny and clever, and for that I am grateful. Some send me story ideas, some correct my math and statistics, and some just send me notes to let me know that someone out there is actually reading all this blather. I also now have a collection of Owl-themed items–they appear in my mailbox, on my front step, or a text from someone working at the Swap Shed (thank you, Debbie). I love them all because they mean someone is thinking of the Weston Owl.

A swap shed Owl

My Sunday Gratitude: Owl Community. A parliament of owls.


  • Happy Anniversary!
    Weston is lucky to have you.
    Thank you 😉

  • So glad you re-started the posts after the sad interlude!

  • Thank you. You are key in making our town a community. You connect us to the many efforts townspeople make to improve life here. The light you shine with such positive energy and fun helps each volunteer and civic effort grow stronger and feel more valued. Your work is wonderful.

    • Wow…I don’tt even know what to say..and as you know, I am rarely speechless at least in writing! Thank you very much. And thank you for your thoughtful insight on the MBTA piece. I am still thinking about that one.

  • I appreciate the Owl! And will try a new trail…when it’s warmer.

  • A whole year! We’re so lucky to have you. Thank you.

  • I can’t imagine life in Weston without you and the Owl! How would I have a clue what is happening? And it’s a bonus to be so entertained while getting informed as well! We should have gotten you a taco truck for the big anniversary!

  • Happy Owl Birthday and thank you for your incredible dedication while somehow maintaining your sense of humor.
    The Weston Town Crier has lost another subscriber after 41 years of loyalty. It’s very sad, as I also love to read a good newspaper.
    With fingers crossed that you don’t burn out,
    Kitty Smith

  • Thank you, Weston Owl, for sharing community news in a most delightful way! Long live Weston Owl!

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