January 18 Committee Meeting Line-Up: Get Out Your Time Turner

Actual Hermione time turner. Oh, fine, not really. Image credit: https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Time-Turner

A quick look at this Tuesday, January 18 on the town committee and commission calendar makes it clear that you’ll either need a Time Turner, a la Harry Potter, or just choose your favorite subject and to heck with the rest. The Owl will note that you are again on your own since she has owlet soccer carpool and a college counselor check-in that night. Fortunately, all meetings are by zoom so you can just leave and join and leave and join…or watch a recording (thank you, Weston Media Center).

First up is School Committee at 6 pm. Budget time! It’s just like Hammer time especially since, as far as I can tell, you can’t touch this (the recommended budget is not yet online–but shall be). Work with me, people, aren’t there any other Gen Xers out there? Remember the cool droopy pants? No? Fine. Here’s a youtube link, y’all. Please listen while reading the agenda. Does the New York Times have such links in with popular (in the 80s) culture? I think not. In any case, the meeting is essentially all budget and public comment (20 minutes). Agenda is here.

Next up is the Sustainability Committee at 7 pm. Well, okay there is also a Crescent Street Historic District Committee meeting but I cannot for the life of me figure out what that’s about. Yes, I shall investigate and get back to you. If I were them, I would spend the majority of my time trying to get back all the cool Halloween decorations.

Cool Crescent Street decor of years past..long gone…not forgotten

In the meantime, back to the Sustainability Committee agenda as they continue to do important work directed at making Weston being a better place for all. Yay, team. Agenda is here. Partial agenda is next screenshot–seems interesting. Wait, what? Greatland presenting again? Is there actually a committee in town that they have not presented to? Hard to imagine. I’m glad they seem to be well-stocked with dark suits.

Zoning Board of Appeals is talking 518 South Avenue at 7 pm. I kind of wish they would work on detailing what aspect of the Whopper they are discussing in any given meeting. Maybe they don’t know until they get there? There are always fun things to know about this massive project, and I probably would show up if I didn’t have to be in Canton. My favorite question I think of every single time I am at ZBA is why on earth would you volunteer for this committee? Incredible workload and low universal popularity. They are popular with me. Love me some volunteers.

Now, hit the Time Turner again and you can make it to Conservation Commission at 7:30 pm. Here’s the link but I will summarize the schedule for you. 1. Fabulous conservation restriction finalization at Wellington Farm, 2. Mowing a field 3. Squish house, build a new one, put in lots of new stuff within wetlands area 4. Addition in wetlands buffer 5. multiple additions wetlands buffer 6. More additions, buffer zone. All wetlands and additions, all the time. I would give you a screenshot but the agenda is way detailed and long, so take a look at the link.


That’s all I’ve got for Tuesday. If you feel you’ve got the hang of that time turner, Planning Board and Traffic & Sidewalk have concurrent meetings on Wednesday, January 19. I’m a little confused why PBis titled as a joint meeting with Select Board. Hmmm. I don’t care enough to investigate if it is a typo or true. Traffic & Sidewalk is talking about the Ash Street sidewalk again (among other goodies) so tune in.

Have a great week, Weston!

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  • Jane Carlson, Winifred Li, Alan Rose, Stephen Larocque, Natalie Sawyer and Sujit Sitole, as members of the ZBA, do a job that has to be done. But, as you said, it is often thankless. Except in this comment: Thank you ZBA members for your hours and hours of work you donate to Weston!

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