Memorial Pool’s Proposed Major Facelift To Be Presented Thursday

Not actually in Weston, people. Palm trees? Not this century. Maybe next. Photo by Cory Bjork on Unsplash

The Recreation Commission will be discussing the planned Memorial Pool renovation at their meeting on Thursday night, January 20. I must say it is genius for them to discuss summer at the start of the (historically) coldest nine-day period in Massachusetts. That there is true; I read it on ABC Channel 5’s facebook update this morning. Yes, the Recreation Commission knows that us New Englanders are at a weak moment in between tropical trips and Vail vacations and we will sign on for anything. And there you can see I can make a conspiracy theory out of anything. Back to the pool.

Weston approved design fee money out of CPA funds in the spring 2021 Town Meeting. You can read about the design fees, why we’re looking at Memorial Pool renovation, and some of the public comment in the linked Weston Owl article. You are definitely going to want to re-read it–wow, I am really on the mark there about cows and edamame.

Also not Weston. Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash

The meeting should provide some interesting information, including preliminary design renderings. Sorry, I do not have those available for you as a preview. Do remember that nothing has been finalized yet (hence the word “preliminary”) and the Recreation Commission is planning to have standalone public information and feedback sessions on the pool in the near future. This is just the first of many chances to think about what Memorial Pool means to you, and why Weston should ante up for a renovated place to run around in the summer.

Agenda link is here and screenshot too.

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