Project Takeout: Another Year to Support Local Restaurants

Last winter, local news outlet and arch-competitor (haha, joke) The Boston Globe launched Project Takeout to encourage Boston area residents to order takeout “once in a while, if at all possible.” Now with the (albeit waning) Omicron surge, rising supply costs, lack of weather-possible outdoor dining, and staffing shortages, local restaurants continue to struggle. Today the call went out for Project Takeout 2.0. You can read more about it here if you are a Globe subscriber (and you should be–support local media, ahem). Please consider supporting your local restaurant by ordering out once or twice a week–and by local, the Owl means more than Dumpling Daughter and Theo’s, Weston residents both, though those are encouraged as well.

One of the restaurants that is an Owl favorite is Amarin Thai in Wellesley. A few weeks ago (pre-omicron), Mr. Owl and Mrs. Owl went for dinner there and spoke with the owners. Amarin is a favorite of Wellesley students and alums back for events, and according to the owner, with the closure of the campus last year, they only barely survived. The reason it survived? Takeout orders from their regulars (and new people, too)–people placed huge orders because they knew, and we know, that second day Thai is awesome.

The Globe has a cool searchable list of local, non-chain restaurants. We’re not talking Chipotle and Chick-Fil-A, folks. The Owl has her own list of favorites, as each of us do… try something new or support those you already know. Here’s some thoughts on Owl go-to restaurants. Not all of these have delivery to Weston–you may have to pull out your car. You can do it. Also, if you do order delivery, bear i mind it will likely be late. Supply chain and all that. Tip the driver well–it’s tough out there.


Dumpling Daughter, Chinese, Weston

Theo’s Pizzeria, Pizza and a most excellent barbecue chicken calzone, Weston

Out of Home Range:

Amarin, Thai, Wellesley

Anna’s Pizza, Thin crust pizza yum, Waltham

Amuleto, Mexican, Waltham

Captain Marden’s, Seafood, Wellesley

Chulo, Nepalese and Indian, Watertown

Joyful Garden, Chinese (dim sum is orderable for weekend lunch, so good!), Watertown

Moldova, Eastern European, Newton

Saltbox Kitchen, American farm to table, Concord

Singh’s Cafe, Indian, Wellesley

Soul of India, Indian, Sudbury

Umi, Japanese (Sushi) and Korean, Waltham


Which are your favorites? Tell the Owl so she can order too!

Eat local!


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