Northside Update: The Tack Room Coming, Donelan’s Lincoln Closed (Until Next Week)

From The Tack Room’s instagram page @tackroomlincoln

For those of you south of the BPR line, you may not get up to Lincoln as often as you really should. Great trails, a yummy cafe (Twisted Tree is made for me), and soon a new restaurant in the space once occupied by at least three restaurants in the seven years I’ve lived here. Later we shall have a trivia contest (High School Quiz Show?) to see how many you can name.

The Tack Room will open its doors at 145 Lincoln Road in Lincoln sometime this February. While the Owl was at first confused about the name with its air of saddles and horse blankets, it is just the perfect name for a Lincoln casual restaurant in every horse’s second favorite town to live in.

From the instagram page. Not a saddle in sight.

The menu is up and while I am worried about poutine making its way outside of Canada, and genuinely opposed to lobster mac & cheese, I am looking forward to the wild mushroom risotto and the steak frites. Bring it on, oui! Let’s hope for a media preview. Yum.

In other Lincon Station news, poor Donelan’s Lincoln is having a tough time re-opening after mechanical issues in the basement. Parts are hard to find, and the store will not re-open until sometime next week.

You are now completely up to date on Lincoln happenings–a town only slightly more exciting than Weston. Maybe equal. Our trails are better. Their servals are real. Go ‘cats.

Eat local!

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  • THX, I live in Cherrybrook & am a big “Lincoln” person. I love Donelan’s and all the stuff you can get accomplished in a visit there. Thanks for keeping us up to date-

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