Weston Public Schools and Public Library Closed Friday, February 4

Nasty roads

Okay, so the Owlets and I spent a fair amount of time yesterday afternoon making fun of Revere and some other towns for closing school for “wintry mix”. We have good friends in Revere so it was all in good humor. And then, around 8 pm last night, Dr. Connolly, Superintendent of Schools, also called it for Weston based on a Governor Baker order for all state employees (non-essential) to stay home. The Owl would argue for teachers being essential (have we learned nothing in the last two years?) but would not argue that it is the right thing to do. Public school kids should use the day to learn stuff from Sir David Attenborough and the BBC. Okay, that was not in Dr. Connolly’s mail but trust me. Also the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony started at 6:30 am ET so you can watch all two Madagascar athletes having their best day ever in that stadium.

The Weston Public Library is also closed today. So is Lincoln. Somehow I missed that this will be a very bad day.

Take care, Weston, and stay home if you can.

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