Weston HS Will Be Mask-Optional Starting Feb 28

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Last night at 7 pm, the Owl received a long long long email from Dr. Connolly, Superintendent of Schools, about the “WPS Covid-19 Initial Recovery Plan” that can be summarized by the title above. Methinks there are lawyers in our school system. Whooo. If you would like to read the full communication, it is available on the school “blog” here. Here’s the critical part of it which was lifted in its entirety from page 4,566 of the school email:


What does the mask-optional environment look like?

  • Any school which has reached the 80% vaccination threshold and has successfully applied for and received a waiver from DESE will be mask-optional on February 28th. 
    • Presently Weston High School 
    • Approvals for Weston Middle School and Field School are pending
  • Students and staff can choose to wear a mask while on campus, or not depending on their individual and family health risks, needs, and/or beliefs.
    • We are in the process of seeking amendment to the current High School waiver to include language that strongly advises use of masks for the unvaccinated, but does not require it.
  • Masks (surgical, KN95 and N95) will remain available for any student or staff member who needs it at each school.
  • Masks will remain required on all buses both during and after school hours per federal mandate.


What additional mitigative measures will be changing on the 28th?

  • Indoor lunch/snack time will change for mask-optional schools toward a “normal” model where students are free to sit at tables that are in alignment with the traditional lunch table format free of spacing and barrier restrictions, OR sit at tables or in designated areas where spacing and barrier restrictions remain in effect.
  • Lunch/Snack will continue to occur outside whenever possible as students enjoy this opportunity to engage outside during these times. Students will be able to sit in less restrictive seating areas or remain on mats in alignment with current models.
  • Return of “traditional” hot lunch offerings 


There is a lot of other stuff there about what changes are also coming like spectators at games, etc, but the Owl needs coffee. I personally think that there should be cake at every lunch now in celebration, but at least a hot Noodle Kugel is in your future, boys and girls.

DESE-reported Covid cases last week were down to 26 cases (students) and 7 (staff). You can find those numbers from DESE here or the School Covid dashboard here. The Owl is likely to discontinue weekly reporting of cases. Fair warning.

It’s been a long road, Wildcats. Good on you for testing, staying home when needed, and getting your vaccinations. I, for one, can not wait to see your smiling faces again.

Go ‘cats!

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