Memorial Pool: CPC Request & Public Information Session

On Wednesday, February 16 at 7 PM at the Community Center, the Weston Recreation Commission will host a public information session about the Memorial Pool renovation project currently in design. Recreation Commissioners, department staff and the project designer will be on hand to present the current concept, answer questions and ask for feedback on certain aspects.

Prior to this meeting, you may wish to listen in on the February 7, 2022 Community Preservation Committee meeting where the renovation project is discussed–this meeting recording is available thanks to Weston Media Center coverage. You can also read in the Owl some of the information presented in February 2021 as part of the request for design funds (which were ultimately approved at the Spring 2021 Town Meeting).

Here’s an Owl-type flyover of the CPC request which was presented by Adam King and Eric Rosenthal, Recreation Commissioners:

The first page has a lot of numbers in it so stay with me. Oh fine, you know me by now so head over to the recording to get actual depth to this chart. Basically, we need to invest to get full recreational value from the pool and get more memberships. Why do the math people always take so long to get to the point? Oh just kidding, guys, relax.

To be honest, the Owl just wants to see the pretty pictures–which are up at the Community Center in case you want to see what the proposed design will look like. The presenters did emphasize that the design is not final–that will only happen after public meetings.

Remember that according to Weston By-Law 43 Chapter 4 Subsection 3C, unless you show up to the information session and to town meeting, you are not allowed to complain about the funds spent nor the cold water. And the newly passed Subsection 3D says that if you complain about the cold water, you are required to do 50 laps in said pool on opening day. Take that. Of course the prior paragraph has no basis in reality. Keep reading.

Okay, things that are getting good with the proposed NEW AND IMPROVED Memorial Pool:

  1. Family Bathrooms. There will be two just to the left in the entrance building. Good idea.

2. Shallow End Water Feature. Summarized by me as Life Beyond the Mushroom, which is the only current shallow water feature except for screaming children, which is a feature of all pools. Ask me how I know.

3. Sandpit Reconfiguration. Summarized by me as no more sand in your pizza. Oh, okay, there is now going to be a water play area, a seating area, shade structures AND an automatic yellow-jacket-in-the-trash-can repellent. The latter item has not yet been designed but it MUST BE POSSIBLE.

Red/yellow outline is current sandpit area

4. Water Play Area. Probably mostly for the littles, though I have great hopes to see some seniors leaping about being shot by spurty groundwater cannons.

5. Water Slide. Also known at the item most likely to cause controversy because someone (and you know who you are, and I know who you are) will DEFINITELY get up at Town Meeting and complain that you will be able to see “Splash Mountain Weston” from outer space. Remember Lamson? Yes, we all do. I like that Adam mentioned that the slide will not be “gaudy” which had never occurred to me as a slide design feature. So the reflective tiles are right out? No tinsel? Fringe? Sigh.

Little slide yes, Gaudy slide no.

6. Upgrade of filter system. This is pretty much the main reason we are messing with Memorial Pool. The current system is on its last legs and if we don’t replace it, orange newts and green slime will appear in the pool (which they do in the off-season anyway). Or something like that. This is needed but not sexy. Also it gets questioned all the time if this is a CPC-funded area or if this should fall under recreation maintenance. I have no position on this. I am not on CPC or Rec.

7. Lifeguard room. This will be expanded to fit more bright orange and red safety vests. No, just kidding. It will allow privacy if treatment of pool users is needed. Access to manager and lifeguards only.

8. Lifeguard chairs. These will be upgraded to La-Z-Boys. No, not really, but I am a little tired now in this hour-long presentation.

9. Accessibility. Better and safer way to get into and out of water.

The budget of $2.3 million includes a contingency of 15%. If approved at Town Meeting, construction would take place in the off-season (poor newts) of fall/winter 2022, and the Splash Mountain Weston would open in summer 2023. In all seriousness, the Memorial Pool is a treasure and the changes will make it even more a draw for our town residents and paying guests. Even if they have their own pool at home. With newts.

The Public Information Session on February 16 is an in-person event taking place in the Great Room of the Weston Community Center at 20 Alphabet Lane. Please wear a facemask if you plan to attend. For questions, please email the Recreation Department or call 781-786-6260.


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