FY23 School Budget Public Hearing Tuesday Night: Don’t Miss It

Weston High School and its dredgeable pond

If there is one School Committee meeting you shouldn’t miss, that would be Tuesday night, February 15, 2022 at 7 pm. The agenda includes a public hearing on the proposed fiscal year 2023 school district budget, as well as some other “stuff” like Covid reporting, WEEFC mid-year report and donuts. No, not the latter–this is by zoom, people.

Any member of the public (one assumes Weston resident public) who wishes to speak during the budget hearing portion will be given the opportunity to do so. One would imagine that the comment period will not be limited to the usual 20 minutes. Please know that ALL residents can and should speak up if they have questions or comments. If I may be so bold as to ask this–please read the recommended budget presentation and the financials before the meeting. This will help you know why the budget is increasing and keep the comments of “enrollment is declining and costs are increasing” to a minimum. News flash: they know. And there are reasons for it.

While the school communication reads “written testimony should be sent in advance of the meeting” (“Testimony”?? Again, I suspect lawyers in the communications department), I would say that if you want to send a nice email with your comments or questions without having to notarize it, that would be welcomed. Please send to schoolcommittee@weston.org and superintendent@weston.org.

The Owl has already sent one question about pond dredging…and what exactly we are looking for — maybe an Owlet’s homework he claimed was eaten by a Canada goose? I want those chonky birds to start paying tuition, or at least for grounds clean-up…those Canadians make a mess. It explains a lot about poutine. Oh just kidding, my Canadian friends, you know I love you and especially your maple-leafed flag.

“See you” tomorrow.

Agenda and sign-in information here:

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