Nordic Today, Tomorrow or Never

Katie Puppy ahead of me in Highland

The Owl is unsure if the forecasters this weekend were just having a good time, or if they really didn’t know we were getting WAY more than the predicted 1″ of the white stuff. In any case, it is the best Valentine’s Day present ever to have this fluffy stuff and a nice sunny cold day to enjoy it. So, here is my gift to you, Weston, the admonishment…the suggestion to GET OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW. Your conference call will wait. The perfect snow will not.

If you are a Nordic skier of the intermediate variety, Highland Forest (park Wildflower on non-housed side of street) and Jericho (park Dickson Ring on Concord or Burchard Park) and College Pond (Burchard) are your friends. I have put in a 1.63 mile loop in Highland for you this morning, and another trustee of WFTA added about a mile more.

My Highland Track. Red dot is start and end on Wildflower

If you are not a skier, please stay out of the tracks and walk or snowshoe next to them. Fat tire bikes, please also try to stay out of tracks, you know I love you but you’re not helping. If you are a beginner to intermediate Nordic skier, the rail trail should be good–park on Church Street or at the parking on Concord Road. If you are an expert skier, well, Cat Rock ahahahaha.

Snowshoeing should also be good today–if you are a walker/hiker, I highly recommend putting on micro-spikes. The ice is not far beneath this lovely snow–on yesterday’s ski, I saw a number of hikers almost go down.

If you are a newbie to Nordic skiing or a “skate skier”, get yourself over to the Weston Ski Track (you must reserve in advance) or to Great Brook in Carlisle which I believe also lights in the evening. I may not be able to resist.

Go. Tell your boss the Owl said it was okay.

Katie Puppy messing with my tracks.

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