Lamb on the Run: Help Requested

Attention northsiders: a pink lamb has been reported missing in the Pinecroft/Conant area since last Thursday. While suspicions are being cast upon a neighborhood cat, it is possible that a very bad coyote took it.

In case you are wondering why this is newsworthy, you are clearly not a parent who has spent HOURS looking for Triceratopsie (the Field museum dino), Henry the spotted dog or Blur the cheetah while a crying kid loses his mind.

Find the lambie, Weston. Maybe Knox, our K9, needs some extra training?

If you find lambie, please send an email to the Owl at and we shall make sure the owner is reunited with her true love.

What? It’s a small town, folks, and not much goes on.

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  • Kristin, Emily Griset on Facebook in Weston Community posted that she had lost this little lambie. I gave her your info and now feel better than if I’d called Crime Stoppers🤣🤣🤣

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