Owl Vacation Hold

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

The Owl will temporarily stop publication this week for a well-deserved vacation, hopefully unlike the freezy vacation these snowy owls take in Duxbury and Plum Island. They are a hardy lot. Once upon a time, Sherwood Island State Park in Connecticut seemed pretty nice but then I met Brazil, and well, sorry New England, but nope.

During your very sad week without town news (oh, sorry Crier, carry on), I suggest you spend your time visiting The Tack Room in Lincoln (opening Friday night, February 18) and reading Gwyn Loud’s unbelievably good Wildlife Column. I wish to steal her for Weston, but instead, I just change every mention of “Lincoln” to “Weston” in her column and it almost works. Close enough. Wes-TEN 28 should be coming out shortly and it’s all about Sustainability and Food and all is right in the world.

Don’t forget to count your birdies in the Backyard Bird Count and if you need some fun with littles, do check out Winter Camp around Boston. If you’ll be up in Live Free or Die state, head over to my favorite owl rescue organization for an Owl Prowl on February 25 in Epping, New Hampshire.

Check it out at their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/OnTheWingNH

Finally, if you have been enjoying reading the Owl, please feel free to head over to the Donate page and toss in a few dollars to support this independent “news source.” And to those who have supported this page in the last year, thank you very much.

Happy Winter Break, Weston!


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