Bizz Buzz Bang: Beekeeping Presentation Wednesday March 2

Bee on a rhodi in the Owl’s yard in summer.


So the Owl flew in last night from lovely summer to lovely winter. Before snapping on her skis and visiting the forest she has missed, it’s time to catch up a bit on all of the best of Weston. One presentation, in particular, has caught the Owl eye…BEES!

Having spent the last four years on a Pollinator Pathway to convert her yard from monoculture grass to pollinator-friendly landscaping (with, let’s be clear, mixed results but I’m TRYING), the beekeeping thing has been tempting for quite some time.

And just in time for spring planting (is it time to order native plants from the Native Plant Trust yet? Lemme look. Yes it is! Check them out here), there is an Agricultural Commission presentation on honey beekeeping in your backyard.

From the marketing materials:

“Bees perform approximately 80% of all pollination worldwide and bee colonies have declined precipitously over the last few years. Maintaining a backyard beehive can help increase our local bee population which in turn will foster community pollination and support our local food supplies.”

On Wednesday, March 2 at 6 pm, join an informational ZOOM presentation on beekeeping at the beginning of its regularly scheduled Agricultural Commission meeting.

Award-winning beekeeper Mel Gadd will speak about how to set up and manage a small honey beekeeping operation in your backyard. Mel was named “Beekeeper of the Year” in 2017 by the Massachusetts Beekeepers Association and has extensive experience with area beekeeping organizations. He is knowledgeable about honey beekeeping as well as native pollinators.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How to start a backyard beehive
  • Purchasing basic supplies
  • Protective gear
  • Setting up your hive
  • Installing bees
  • Beekeeping troubleshooting
  • Where to go for support
  • Question and Answer session

Link: March 2 at 6pm via ZOOM:

Act local, bee local! (yes, it was inevitable)

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