Dear W Parents: It’s Time to Sign Up Your Kids for Every.Single.Sport.Ever.

The undefeated 2015 3rd grade purple team. Awesome parent volunteer coaches!

Here we are, Weston, on the cusp of crazy. To be real, some of us dipped into that well a looooong time ago, but it turns out what I actually mean is calendar crazy. I hear you all complaining about March weather and being holed up, but blah blah blah because April and May in Weston are CRAZY and then we say goodbye to all our second home folks for the summer, take a deep warm breath, and then we have Fall crazy in September and October. In other words, watch what you wish for. I wish for a couple more days of lovely nordic skiing, though Highland Forest was punky-icy this morning and the Owl was lucky to get out with only one unglamorous wreck.

In preparation for Spring Crazy, the Owl is getting roughly three emails a week about different activities to sign my kids up for this summer. Sadly, the Owlets have aged out of many of these activities, though your worst-case scenario is that they coach or ref them –haha, just kidding, they are good at what they do. Baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, flag football, baseball camp, campity-camp, etc.

Here’s a quick look at your possibilities. Note that most of these programs, though not all, are open to Weston residents whether your kid attends public or private school, and to any kids who attend Weston Public Schools but may live outside of Weston. Please check residency requirements if interested.

Who thinks Lacrosse has the best logo in Weston youth sports? Me.

Spring Options:

Weston Spring baseball and softball: I already told you all about this. Pay attention. Weston Little League rules! The Owl post is available to refresh your memory. Kids pre-K to age 15 have options, and games begin right after April break.

Weston Spring flag football: These folks are hardcore–the “spring” season starts March 5. Brrrrrrr! Well, might as well run around on Proctor field to warm up. Spring season focuses on player skill development as preparation for a more competitive fall season. Options for K-8th grade. Times and more information are here:

Weston Youth Lacrosse: Spring registration has been open for a long time. Some teams are filled and on a waitlist basis only. Some teams seem not to exist (where is the Girls 4th and 5th grade team? Não sei.) If there is space, register now for grades 1-8. If there is no space, get yourself on the waitlist. You never know. See here for more info:

Weston Soccer: PreK-2nd grade registration is open–there are weekly training sessions and games starting in early April. You have not LIVED until you have watching the roving beehives of players in a tiny tot game. OMG, I will ref these for free, but I cannot promise not to laugh. More info and registration here. For grades 3-8, registration for the Bay Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) spring season was in the fall but I am pretty sure you can still get on a waitlist or a team or both. See here for more information.

Weston Recreation programs: Registration for these starts March 7 so get your fast-typing fingers ready! My kids’ favorite was always Super Sports with the fantastic Be Ahead of the Game staff. The Owl loves how many outside-focused nature programs there are for the littles. And may get signed up for pickleball finally — prepare to duck the whiffle, folks! Brochure is here.

Weston-Wayland Rowing. Hmmm. I thought there were spring programs but I see no info. Leaving this placeholder here until I find out what gives. They also have cool summer rowing camps. I’ll be back or watch

A Brazilian owlet learning baseball skills at age 9.

Summer options now open:

Weston Baseball Skills Clinics. If you sign your kids up for just one sports camp, let it be this one. Run by Coaches Matt and Eric for the last zillion years, there are also high schooler coaches and they are fun. Fielding Clinic 6/27-6/28 9:00am-3:00pm. Drills will teach proper technique in playing each of the infield and outfield positions. Hitting Clinic 6/29-6/30 9:00am-3:00pm Ages 7-12, will focus on all aspects of hitting. Hit off the T, soft toss and live pitching with individual instruction to continue to improve our hitting. Each session ends with a “Baseball Olympics” giving the players the opportunity to compete and showcase what they have learned.  More information and sign up at All clinics are held at the outrageously awesome Burchard Park.

Weston Soccer. Another placeholder here as a bunch of varsity boys soccer players are considering a fun soccer program for the littles. Possibly with a British flair. Back later.

What else, folks? Bring it.

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