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Snowy Owl image by local photographer Nicole Mordecai

If you are new to the Weston Owl, you will learn that I post various “housekeeping” items from time to time. This means you scroll on by. No, it doesn’t. It means this is the price for reading without fee-based subscriptions or vitamin supplement advertising, etc. If you don’t read it, I will know and sell space to nutty people. Oh just kidding.

Anyway, three items today for housekeeping:

  1. The Owl loves all the personal notes and public comments on the website. Please keep them coming. It’s how I know you’re taking a look. if you don’t want to publicly comment on a post.
  2. The Owl loves when people send her story ideas or people to interview. I can’t actually do all the stories that come my way because it’s just me, but I do try. As you know, I am also happy to publish stories written by others (I reserve the right to edit for punctuation which must be held to my low standards, haha) under the Parliament of Owls heading. Or just tell me what happened and the details–I know there are a couple of high school sports team who are feeling angsty towards me because the Owl does not flap onto ice (in spite of the cover photo) or know what is happening in basketball. No owlet does either sport. Tell me what happens. That holds for the music, drama, and other programs at the high school and for all the other schools in Weston. No clue what happens in the other schools. And town committees. The Owl has a cool 270-degree head turn but that leaves out a few degrees (sorry, was that mathy?)
  3. The Owl will not publish any personal attacks nor rumors. Okay, I will create my own rumors but they will be fun, like dalmatians at the fire house. No, I will not let that one go. This is a blog, not “real news” but we all know that words hurt more than golf clubs (Weston allusion). I also reserve the right to simply not say what I know. Selective news coverage is a thing.

Carry on, Weston, and go cats!

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  • The Owl is the best. Don’t change a thing. Well, except the wayfinding tools in Jericho Woods. Change those immediately. St. Bernard escorts with fully loaded brandy kegs waiting at Dickson Rings would be a good start.

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