Weston Owl Seeks New Digs

Photo credit Karen O’Reilly, Weston Animal Control Officer

No, it’s not me–I quite like my house and neighbors–but a nice barred owl that flew into a Weston home seeking mice-y friends or possibly some other kind of snack to regurgitate the bones of at a later date. Wild Weston, folks, you have to love it!

According to Weston Police Animal Control Officer Karen O’Reilly, the homeowner had no idea how the owl got into the house. It is possible that a house cleaner left a door open the day before, or (unlikely) it pulled a Santa and whooshed down the chimney. Someday, this Owl will tell you about an armadillo in Brazil who caught a ride under a car from my in-laws ranch…or not. Mystery. Imagine having your breakfast, and looking up at those large dark eyes! Surprise!

The owl was finally convinced (with the help of some guiding screens and a few open windows) to come off of the ceiling fan and swooshed out the window — ‘to the dismay of the smaller birds in the neighborhood’, according to Karen.

I so wish I had been there for that. Note to you, Weston: if you find an owl in your house CALL ME first. I’ve been called for snakes in driveways and bats in chimneys but never an owl.

Cryptically, Karen ended her note to me with the following line: “Most calls about ‘owls’ inside a home don’t usually turn out to be owls at all” to which I sent a fevered response….welll…. what were they? Ducks? Seagulls? Bats? I have been left hanging.

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