Call for Photos of Weston Town Center Through the Years

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Calling all photographers (from amateur to pro)! The Weston Art & Innovation Center (AIC), Weston Historical Society, and Weston Media Center are celebrating the transformation of the Weston Town Center with a photography exhibit at the AIC on May 21. This will be part of a festive event, now in the planning stages, that will celebrate completion of the Town Center Improvement Project and the near-completion of the Josiah Smith Tavern project. Check your phones, scrapbooks, albums and shoeboxes for photos of Weston Town Center through the years.

The photos being sought would include Town Center from the First Parish Church to the Fiske Law Office, before, during or after the town center improvement project. This is stated as a period from 1900 to present, but I heartily believe that the TCIP did not last THAT long. Maybe just half a century. Fine, it was less, don’t get mad, TCIP people. Though on a technicality, the Town Center Improvement project did start in 1912 even before we had a town green. Always getting better, Weston, though I kind of miss the river through Town Green–no, not really, I am not THAT old.

TCIP 1912. Image credit: Weston Historical Society

If you have photos of people gatherings (or dog gatherings, or moose gatherings, I presume would be highly valuable) and especially photos of folks enjoying themselves (no crabbies please) around Town, those are great too. Especially welcome are photos of Town Green sledding and graduations, parades, trees (I just made that up) and businesses both old and new. If you have a photo of the minutemen gathering at the Lamson playground, né Lamson’s barn, in 1775 we shall be suspicious, however. Artistic renderings are apparently not accepted so I’ll just put away my little water color of Spring Fling ’15.

More details here. These will be without editorial comment which is honestly not as fun, right?

You can use this form to submit digital photos. If you prefer to submit an actual photo, there will be a box at the Weston Art & Innovation Center. The AIC is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 to 4. Please fill out the paper forms that will be available next to the box or download a PDF here.

The deadline for submission for the exhibit is April 15, 2022, also known as taxes due day. Donations of photos to the Weston Historical Society can still be made after that date.

Not all photos can be exhibited, but all will become part of the permanent collection of the Weston Historical Society and will enrich the record of this important time in the town’s history.

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