Division 1 Playoffs Tonight (Friday) for WarCats

What, more high school sports? Folks, it’s playoff time and the Owl never ceases to be amazed at how teeny-tiny Weston just kicks tremendous tush. So sit down and read this, and cheer on this team! I insist.

As mentioned before, the Owl’s favorite co-op team name is the “WarCats” which applies to the combined Wayland -Weston Girls High School Ice Hockey team. A more perfect name never existed as these young women are battling it out in Division 1 Hockey against some much bigger schools.

Tonight at 8 pm in Lynn is playoff round 1 for the WarCats, who are going in seeded #29, against the #4 seeded team of St. Mary’s. Because the Owl can never resist mascot commentary, please note that the mascot of St. Mary’s is the Spartans, which is kind of warrior-y as well but let’s face it, the WarCats rule!

This shall not be easy but knowing these girls (or some of them, anyway), they’re going in to win it.

“These athletes are amazing and have worked so hard this season to make it to the D1 MIAA State Tournament,” said Wink Van Ogtrop, the team’s coach. “An extra nod goes to our eight Weston Seniors: Ava Olivier, June Trodden, Reed Van Ogtrop, Chloe Jeniski, Mikey Jeniski, Kendal Parker, Sydney Patel and Elliott Kilgallen.”

Go WarCats!

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