Dignity Matters: Helping Women with Basic Necessities

The Owl was contacted recently by a volunteer for Framingham-based Dignity Matters, a non-profit that provides period protection for homeless and disadvantaged women and school-aged girls. Yes, Y-chromosomes, you can tune out if you must–I know you all get squeamish right around now. Know this before you go back to monster truck rally recordings (what? stereotype much?), when Auntie Flo visits on a monthly basis, she costs a lot of money.

Why do homeless and disadvantaged women and school-aged girls need support with period protection and underwear?

  1. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, previously known as food stamps) benefits do not cover them
  2. Menstrual products are expensive and needed monthly – the cost adds up
  3. Menstrual products are rarely donated to shelters, food pantries or public schools
  4. Many shelters, food pantries and public schools struggle to afford period protection for their clients. Bras are considered a luxury.

During the past two years of the pandemic, the need for support has increased dramatically – from 3,000 women per month to more than 10,000. And, although the crisis is easing, the need for products is not going back to pre-pandemic levels.  Typically, Dignity Matters’ shelves of in-kind product are bursting, and they easily fill partner orders at each distribution. However, due to worldwide delays in shipping and supply chain issues, the organization is looking for more in-kind products in the place of purchased products and is in URGENT need of in-kind donated: pads, Depends and tampons (variety is the key). Please note, they have underwear, bras and liners needed at this point.

How you can help? The easiest way is going to Dignity Matters’ Amazon Wish List to donate to Dignity Matters’ Urgent March Needs – Amazon Wishlist. There are all kinds of options at all price levels. Take a moment to choose a few items and send them on. Dignity very much matters, and all donations are appreciated.


Dignity Matters is a non-profit organization that collects, purchases and supplies feminine hygiene products, bras and underwear to women and girls who are homeless or disadvantaged, in order to help them stay healthy, regain self-confidence, and live with basic dignity. You can learn more here: https://www.dignity-matters.org/.


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