Coffee with a Cop March 16 at Heirloom

Okay, so, here’s the deal. For at least three years, I have sent on other towns’ Coffee with a Cop information to our police station (here’s the event in Wayland a few years ago) asking for Weston to do something similar, and nothing! Crickets! But then Heirloom opens and the police read my rave review (oh, all right, I ran into a certain Lieutenant there yesterday), had some of the coffee, and now they want to do it?! Suspicious. Community feedback: what the heck? I shall now have to show up next Wednesday to have a little chat and a lot of coffee.

Fine, the Owl admits to a bad sense of humor at this moment after waiting THREE HOURS for Direct Tire to put the summer tires on the car. Sigh. Okay, moving onwards … though if one single person tells me there is snow in the forecast, I take no responsibility for my reaction…

Coffee with a Cop. Sounds fun. As everyone knows, I’m a huge fan of our community police force. Maybe K9 Knox will show up. Maybe he likes scones. Stop by Heirloom if you’re in town next Wednesday, March 16 between 10 and 11 am. Buy the officers scones. Buy yourself some scones. Drink coffee. Discuss the Intersection of Doom, the Mustang Mach-E (Note to Weston Police: drive the Mach there and park it out front, please) and other relevant things.


  • I didn’t get chance to come by for coffee. I’d like bring two items to police chief’s attention.
    1. The all STOP signs mean all the directions should STOP and if arrived the same time, yield for the right hand side driver. Current situation, especially in Boston Post Rd drivers don’t stop or yield for drivers on north-south bound direction during peak. Off-peak, some drivers on Boston Post Rd, even not slow down, the STOP signs mean nothing there……. If not resource or technology to enforce, there is a way to get revenue from item 2.
    2. No one slows down on School St. At 20 miles/hour, send two police cars there to pull everyone over to fine one by one for a week, you can get 1 year revenue. Should be double fine at school zone…

    • Coincidentally I sent a video yesterday to the Weston Police (I was at the AIC for a meeting) of two cars west to east on BPR who barely slowed down before driving through the Intersection of Doom. It is almost funny, though not at all, about how Massachusetts drivers feel about stop signs. I would send a note directly to the Acting Chief Kelly:

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