Snow Falling, Birds Singing: It’s March at College Pond Conservation Area

Apple Orchard

By the time you read this, College Pond will look different from these photos–it’s warming up today and the perfect glacé of snow covering will have melted or flopped onto the forest floor or meadow or pine needle trail. What will not change is the sounds of red-winged blackbirds (they’re back!!!), chickadees, goldfinches, robins, tufted titmice, and downy woodpeckers. Yes, I caught all of those songs on my Merlin BirdID app, because I am the world’s worst birder (ask Michele and Michael) and can’t remember who sings what chee-wee, trill, etc. except for the red-winged blackbirds, which remind me of the Grand Owl.

Songs of 50 seconds listening with the Merlin bird app.

Last night’s sugar snow has given way to bright blue skies–the glitter of frosting is almost blinding. I have yet to figure out how to embed video here (Gen X, people!!!) but I caught a tree full of robins fluttering, Cherry Brook splashing and talking under the Troll Bridge, and the sounds of birds and snowdrops in the forest. College Pond today is joy.

Here’s a little photo journey for you.

The Merriam Barn’s ramp (circa 1876) is a work of art this morning.

The trail closest to Merriam Street from the Troll Bridge to the Brush Dump is filled with mysterious ruins and white pines.

Foundation for what?

Marveling at a 100-foot white pine which is in no danger of falling on my house:

As I said, the snow will probably have gone by the time you get out there, but if you have the chance, get outside at College Pond and hear the March joy of the birds. You can find a map of College Pond here in pdf, or you can use the town GIS map link on your phone.

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