Direct Aid to Ukraine: List of Organizations (hat tip to First Parish)

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

The Owl has been meaning to pull together a list of organizations that are providing direct aid to Ukraine…but First Parish Church’s Outreach Committee has beaten me to it. These organizations have all been vetted by the Committee. I have re-printed their list with permission from Rev. Barz-Snell.


List of Recommended Organizations Providing Direct Aid to Ukraine

Emergency Medical Supplies

Large International Organizations:

  1. Direct Relief:

  2. International Medical Corp:

  3. International Rescue Committee:

  4. Mercy Corps:

  Ukraine-focused: Emergency Medical Supplies and Activism:

  5. Razom for Ukraine:

  Local Organization, Ukraine-focused, Emergency Medical Supplies:

  6. Sunflower of Peace:

Children, Psychological and Psychosocial support:

Large International:

   7. Save the Children:

Ukrainian Based:

   8. The Voices for Children Foundation:

First Parish Church of Weston is located at 349 Boston Post Road. You can find out more by writing

Update March 14, 5 pm: A reader has sent in information about this organization called the $1K project. While I don’t know it personally, do some research on it to see if it matches your objectives.

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