HS Spring Sports Info Sessions Tonight: Sailing and Boys Volleyball Enter the Fray

Actual photo of a Weston HS sailboat. No, not really. Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash

Y’all are going to have to scroll on by if you’re over my high school sports posts, because I again feel the need to say how amazing Weston is on the sports offered. There is quite definitely something for everyone.

The Spring Sports Player/Parent Meetings are tonight March 15th at 6 pm (for most, but not all sports) at the High School. There is no general assembly, only meetings for each sport. High school student-athletes and their families are invited.

As always, we are making friends with our neighbors to our west and east. Crew (which meets via zoom on Wednesday night at 7 pm) continues to be offered with Wayland and is the world’s most beautiful sport. Yes, I was once a collegiate rower who fell in love with it. And now we have a co-op program in Sailing with Wayland as well which is so very cool. That team meeting has not yet been announced. How will we come up with a new nickname since WarCats is taken by W-W Girls Hockey? Special prize to the person who comes up with that.

Also new this season is Boys Volleyball with Waltham! So happy to see this one make a debut–it’s a big sport in Brazil where the owlets played it–sadly they have other sports in their sights this year. Let me see: Weston-Waltham Hawkcats? Wildhawks? This meeting is also not tonight but maybe next week? Will get back to you.

Here, in its entirety is our list of the TEN sports (with coach contacts and meeting places) offered by Weston in the spring season–it could be the Wes-TEN if that name were not already taken. I need a sports reporter:

Nate Scott ’20, Weston Baseball

Baseball – Coach Mike Shilalie –  shilaliem@weston.org  – Room 5
Crew – Coach Mike Baker –  rowingmike@gmial.com  – NOTE: Via Zoom on Wednesday, 3/16 – 7pm
Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84473028011
Boys Lacrosse – Coach Jim Wilcon –  coachwil22@icloud.com  – GEC
Girls Lacrosse – Coach Wink van Ogtrop –  winkvo@me.com  – Media Center
Softball – Coach Tom Johnson –   thomas.johnson@watertown.k12.ma.us  – Room 6
Boys Tennis – Coach George Conlin –  skigca3@me.com  – Room 7
Girls Tennis – Coach Dyanne Sainato –  dyannesainato@yahoo.com  – Room 8
Outdoor Track – Coach John Monz –  monzj@weston.org  – Cafeteria
Sailing – “NEW” Co-op with Wayland – Program will start on 3/21. Meeting once season begins. More
information to come later this week.
Boys Volleyball – “NEW” – Co-op with Waltham – Chuck Smerlas –  wizard@charlessmerlas.com  – Meeting
once season begins – 1 st practice 4:30pm @ Waltham HS.
Pre-season meetings are a great opportunity for parents/guardians and student-athletes to meet the coaching staffs, learn about tryouts, practice and game schedules as well as ask questions.  It is also an opportunity for our coaches to inform all of team expectations and other important information for the upcoming season. 
All student-athletes are required to register on FamilyID ( http://www.familyid.com ) as well as have an up to date physical on file with the school nurse.

The start date for High School Spring Sports: Monday, March 21 st .If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Athletic Office (781) 786-5840.

Go ‘cats!

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