Owl-Themed Art For and By Ukrainian Children: A Fundraiser

This morning, the Owl received an email from a reader about a fundraiser for Ukrainian children. As many of us search for a way to help out, why not add some owl art to your wall and help some Ukrainian kids along the way. You can try to outbid me on my favorite, but I wish you no luck on that.

Here’s the story: the International Owl Center in Houston, Minnesota, is a non-profit organization dedicated to “make the world a better place for owls through education and research.” Clearly, I am a huge fan. Each year they are sent hundreds of pieces of owl art made by children around the world.

An example piece of art and bid

After putting a few artworks up online to show what Ukrainian children had done, there was a clamor to buy these works of art. And so, after searching around in their archives, they found over 300 owl art pieces created by children in Ukraine and have started an online auction. All auction proceeds go to UNICEF to help the children in Ukraine.

You can access auction information here. You will need to register and give a credit card number in order to bid. If you don’t want to bid, but just want to see some fun art with owls (who doesn’t?), then you can browse around, too.

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