Town Election: What Will the Owl Do?

Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash

Over the last few days, the Owl has been contacted by a few residents about the demise of the Weston Town Crier’s print version (RIP as of May 5, 2022, I believe) and if political platforms and endorsements would be published here in the Weston Owl for the upcoming May 7 Weston Town Election. So here’s the plan, because I know and you know that the Owl is not the Crier and we (that is the royal “we”) are not unbiased.

Town volunteers up for election or re-election may publish their platform here without Owl editorial comment. Unless you swear and then I might have to just clean that up because heaven knows I never swear. Also, what are you doing swearing in your political platform? I will be setting a special section for Election platforms when I finish wrestling with WordPress which hates me. I will publish a platform/candidate statement only once.

  • All town volunteers up for election/re-election will get a Q&A (contested elections will have all candidates on the same Q&A). They can elect (haha) to answer or not. See last year’s example from the Select Board race.
  • Endorsements will not be published in the Owl. I have thought long and hard about this one. I have to say that I always hated the endorsement page of the Crier (also known as Letters to the Editor). They have an unintended popularity contest vibe and this is not a popularity contest. Please feel free to use your own facebook page or the still-breathing but barely Town Crier for that.
  • The Owl will not be endorsing any candidates on this page. If you know me personally, I will tell you what I think.

I think that’s it. Now, this Owl needs to go to a soccer field sideline for another kind of contest.

Happy Weekend!


  • Just want to thank you and praise you for your newsletters which I read eagerly, no matter how many each day!! I’ve lived in town for 46 years and your influence in making this small town feel warm and vital and interesting is immeasurable. Thank you.

  • This is a great public service, and you’ve made the right call on all counts, IMHO. Thank you.

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