Town Meeting Warrant Book To Be Discussed at Select Board Tuesday

Flying into Monday like…
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Well, happy Monday, folks, and welcome to the first full day of spring. The Owl has been relatively hoot-free this weekend and yeah, you didn’t miss Sunday Gratitude—there wasn’t one. Think about them beans for a second. If I had felt like writing a gratitude, it would have been to the wood frogs and peepers and red-winged blackbirds who make my mornings and evenings just that much better. Love where you live, Weston.

In any case, let’s talk turkey, which is another feathered beast that makes traffic more fun in our town, and also walking my dog Katie Puppy that much more exciting as she thinks she can catch one every single time, and yet… turkeys win. In this case, what I am actually talking about is this week’s town committee meetings.

On Tuesday evening, with an unusual start time of 6:30 pm (Executive Session is 6-6:30 pm), the Select Board will discuss cemetery signage, Weston Media Center stuff, and also the Town volunteer dinner. I am somewhat offended that I am not officially a town volunteer (snubbing WFTA) but depending on where it is I will crash it. Heirloom? Crash. Dudley Chateau? Crash. Regis College? Nope. No chance for JST and the as-yet-unnamed (but should be named Justice) restaurant. Do not get me started on the delays there. No one cares. Oh wait, some of us do. Select Board, if you read this, I really need you to discuss the JST and the Case buildings that sit and fall apart and get sadder and sadder all the time. I demand town horses or an alpaca farm there.

Digressions aside, the most interesting agenda items *may* be Town Warrant Book and if the Select Board is going to take a position on any of the warrants. As most everyone knows, there is also a Citizen’s Petition to make the Select Board five members instead of three. I like to show up to this Select Board meeting every semester because I always learn something. The warrant book discussion is on the agenda at 7:15 pm but who knows, maybe the cemetery discussion will wrap up early or late? Sign on early. Agenda is here:

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