Fifteen Percent of Weston High School Has Joined Spring Track

Proctor Track and Field

As the Owl has mentioned before, our wonderful Weston High School is teeny tiny itty bitty. It has 647-650 students give or take a new resident or a departing one. And has 97 students signed up for spring track, Yes, 97 (62 boys, 35 girls). Of course, some of them might get through a week of Coach Montrose sprints and say “nope” but perhaps…just perhaps, we will have 110 by the weekend. That there is three buses full. See how I get all math-y when Math teacher/Coach Monz is around?

There are 10 Spring Sports teams offered at Weston High School. Where are my other spring sport parents? What’s going on over there in baseball? Lacrosse? Crew? Seeking sports writers…… Spring schedules are up on arbiterlive.

Go ‘cats!

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