Tree By-Law (Sustainable Tree Initiative) Public Hearing Wednesday

Beech Tree at Case House. Public tree.

The Planning Board will be having a Public Hearing regarding the proposed Zoning amendment for a Tree By-law (also known as the Sustainable Tree Initiative) on Wednesday, March 23 at 7 pm. You can find the agenda for the Planning Board meeting here. While this is the first “public hearing” of the Tree By-Law, the tree preservation initiative has been on the always-public agendas for the Planning Board since February 16, and in the works for over two years.

Please read the draft of the Proposed Sustainable Tree Initiative and attend the meeting. While I am so wanting to editorialize here, I am going to behave. It is no secret that I am a major tree hugger. My chance to opine on why we need to save trees in Weston will come later. For now, please, whichever “side” you’re on, read, learn and make up your mind (though if you choose wrong, I shall never speak to you again. Oh, just kidding.)

Go tree, go!
Winter beech tree.

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