Volunteer, Weston! New Town Government Opportunities

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Did you know that there are more than 200 resident volunteers who are involved in the town and its projects? True story. Weston’s Town Government is supported by volunteers who serve on elected and appointed boards and committees–even our Select Board is 100% volunteer. Here is a chance to join the club-the Community Club. The idea is to steward this 300+ year old town for the current and next generations. Sunrise, sunset.

If you really want to know, I think there are at least double that number of 200 residents on all the volunteer boards in town when you include PTO, schools, WFTA, Land’s Sake, etc etc. The question these days is why are you NOT volunteering in your community? Maybe you’re just waiting for the right role. Maybe one of those listed below has your name on it.

I was originally going to title this “Volunteer: Be the One Everyone Complains About” but that doesn’t seem very motivational, does it? Or maybe it is for some of y’all. I have enjoyed my own fair share of criticism especially when this little website got called the “Weston Bowel”. I am sorry, but that is just funny–everyone knows that the bowel is not here on the northside. Wait, did I digress? Yes, indeedy. Now to the good stuff:

Current volunteer opportunities include Select Board-appointed committees. Note that for these positions, you will be interviewed by the Select Board and they are VERY tough. When I volunteered for the Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee in 2016, I was asked how my English was so good (my prior address was Brazil). That made this New Yorker laugh. So yeah, I am clearly kidding on the “tough” comment.

The application deadlines are next week. Get cracking. Here’s the officialese (thanks, Anthony!):


Select Board Appointed Positions

For the following Select Board appointed positions, please submit a volunteer application or a letter of interest. The application can be filled out and submitted online or it can be downloaded and emailed to selectboard@westonma.gov. Letters of interest can also be emailed or mailed to the Select Board, Weston Town Hall, PO Box 378. Click on the name of the committee to learn more about its charge and skills that are being sought.

The 13-member Board, appointed by the Select Board, meets to determine policies regarding Council on Aging (COA) programs and services for Weston residents over the age of 60 and their caregivers. Residents of all ages with an interest in issues involving older adults are invited to apply.

The Traffic & Sidewalk Committee makes periodic evaluation of and recommendations regarding roadway improvements and changes, traffic calming measures, signals, signage and lighting, sidewalks and crosswalks, maintenance priorities and standards, public transit options, and other measures that are considered to meet the evolving traffic conditions and bicycle/pedestrian safety needs of the Town. Residents with experience/training or interest in traffic management, pedestrian safety, roadway development, traffic mitigation, public transit, bicycling, or other related areas are encouraged to apply.

Together, the members of the Weston Cultural Council collaborate throughout the year to solicit and evaluate Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) grant applications, determine recipients, and successfully administer the council grants. Along with publicizing and promoting the annual grant process, Weston’s members conduct outreach to potential grantees and oversee the individual grants once they are awarded. The Council is seeking new members who are eager to assist in a variety of endeavors—ranging from public relations to financial management and grant administration—that advance the Weston Cultural Council’s overall mission.

The Committee is responsible for oversight of the construction, renovation, and major maintenance of all municipal and school buildings. The Committee is further responsible for working with the Director of Facilities to conduct a periodic review of the physical condition of all buildings, and for developing an ongoing capital property management plan to be recommended to the Select Board and School Committee. Residents who are licensed builders, registered architects or engineers, or have other applicable experience in the construction industry are encouraged to apply.

Attend a Meeting – Upcoming meetings of the elected and appointed boards/committees are posted to Weston.org/Meetings. ALL board/committee meetings are open to the public.

More Questions – If a resident has a question about Select Board appointed positions, please contact the Town Manager’s Office at 781-865-5020

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