WHS Seniors Need Mentors and Internships; Step up, Weston

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Weston High School Seniors spend their last two weeks (May 16-31) before graduation exploring careers by spending five hours per day at an internship site. The high school is seeking mentors to provide information about a career path, give an intern worthwhile work, include the intern in daily activities, and complete a brief evaluation at the end of the internship.

Some of the areas where internships are needed are:

Official information below:


  • Give students the opportunity to discover their strengths, weaknesses, work values and career interests.
  • Prepare students for the world of work through interview skills, and acceptable workplace behavior.
  • Offer seniors an opportunity to experience a career of their choice through a two-week work-site or remote internship.
  • Match students with a mentor who will share career information and personal experiences.
  • Help students to make informed decisions about college majors and career paths.

The internship placement occurs during the last two weeks of the school year–May 16-31. Interns work at a company or organization five hours per day, five days per week, for a total of 25 hours. The internship is generally unpaid. Some companies, at their discretion, may pay interns or offer them summer employment. Mentors determine mutually beneficial tasks or projects for the intern to complete during the two-week work experience.

Mentor’s Role

  • Mentors provide guidance, information, and advice concerning their occupation and personal career journey.
  • Whenever possible, mentors provide interns with work that is worthwhile and relevant to their career. Mentors expose interns to as many aspects and activities of the career as possible.
  • Mentors review their intern’s work regularly, providing suggestions for improvement and answering questions.
  • Mentors verify their intern’s attendance and complete a brief evaluation at the end of the internship.

Please click here for more detailed information and contact Cynthia Dorman if you can help or have any questions. 

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  • Before retiring, my group did this for many years. Rewarding for both the student and the mentor.

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